Due to the limousine size and weight, the vehicle requires a longer stopping time. In case of an emergency, it could cause an accident causing catastrophic injuries to victims. In Las Vegas, the party at fault should compensate for the damage caused to you. The parties responsible for the accident may include the limo driver, limo company, and limousines manufacturer. Other possible at-fault parties include drivers and owners of other vehicles and the limousine maintenance company.

When involved in a limousine accident, you could suffer various catastrophic and permanent injuries. The costs of caring for a victim suffering serious injuries are high because of the extended care they require. At Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm, we will develop efficient strategies to increase your chances of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

What Are Catastrophic Limousine Accidents in Nevada?

Limousines are common means of transport used during the celebration of special occasions, including graduation, weddings, and birthday parties. The passengers in a limo are filled with celebration moods and will rarely consider the dangers of traveling in the vehicle.

Unlike sedans, limos have a lot of weight; hence, the stopping time is longer, especially during emergencies. You are at risk of catastrophic accidents when traveling in a limo since the vehicle travels at high speed, and most passengers don't wear seatbelts. Catastrophic injuries are severe, with life-altering consequences. An injury from a limousine accident is considered catastrophic when:

  • You suffer permanent disability, like losing the function of legs or arms.
  • You are unable to work as before due to the injuries sustained.
  • You need long-lasting medical help.
  • You suffered severe disfigurement and scarring.
  • The victim requires care and assistance for the rest of their lives.
  • You require the assistance of devices in your daily life, including wheelchairs, walkers, and canes to replace lost limbs.
  • The victim loses their sight permanently
  • Some victim suffers extensive burns, amputation
  • The injuries sustained resulted in full or partial paralysis.
  • The victim suffers severe spine injuries or acute trauma of the brain.

Additionally, victims may suffer from other devastating injuries with long-lasting effects that cannot be easily detected. The damages include unexplained mood swings, irritability, loss of concentration, personality change, and memory loss.

Common Causes of Catastrophic Limousine Accidents In Nevada

When filing your compensation claim, you will be required to prove the other alleged caused the injuries by violating the duty of care, which could avoid the injuries. After proving, you should show the violation of the duty of care led to the damages. The most negligent actions resulting in limo accidents are:

  1. Over Speeding

Limousines are used for parting and celebration of special occasions. The vehicles are driven at high speed. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to stop the limo in case of an emergency since the cars are heavy and driving at a very high speed. When a catastrophic accident occurs due to the driver’s negligent behavior, they can be held personally responsible for the passengers’ injuries and damages. As a practical matter, however, the insurance company and the company employing the driver may be held financially liable for the accident.

  1. Driver Fatigue

A limousine driver operates for long hours without rest. Additionally, controlling such a heavy vehicle could be tiresome. If the drivers fall asleep, the vehicle may lose control leading to an accident.

  1. Driving Under Intoxication

In Nevada, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is one of the most common causes of limo accidents. When the driver is driving under the influence of drugs, it becomes a challenge for them to make the right decisions. Therefore intoxication increases the probability of causing a crash with other vehicles.

Notably, once the police arrive at the accident scene and suspect the driver was driving under the influence of drugs, they will obtain a driver’s blood or breath test. The police will keep the results under the police report, and you may use the report when claiming for compensation.

  1. Defective Limo Parts

Limos are delicate vehicles carrying a large number of passengers. When a part malfunctions, it might result in severe accidents. Possible parts that may fail and result in the accidents are the steering, the tires,  and the brakes. However, the defects may come from the retailers or the manufacturers of the limo parts. In case you receive injuries and damages, you may file a lawsuit against the parts' manufacturers and retailers. The limousine retailers and manufacturers will be held liable for an accident resulting from their putting a defective limousine in road operation.

  1. Negligent Training and Hiring of Limo Drivers

Companies owning limousine vehicles should hire competent drivers since they are carrier vehicles. Since limos are heavy vehicles, they are complicated to maneuver. In case the companies hire unqualified drivers, the risk of accidents is increased. When a catastrophic limo accident occurs due to the company employing unqualified drivers, improper training to their drivers and supervision team, the limo company will be liable for the accident.

Failing to Follow Traffic Rules Resulting in Catastrophic Injuries

Limo drivers may fail to follow traffic rules like driving under the speed limit or yielding in the right way. Additionally, the driver should maintain the right distance from other vehicles. Notably, failing to adhere to these rules may result in limo accidents.

Types of Catastrophic Limousine Accidents

When limo accidents occur, they may result in catastrophic injuries. Limousine passengers sit sideways and rarely use their seat belts, making them more vulnerable to severe injuries in an accident. Examples of limo accident resulting in catastrophic injuries Include:

Rollover Catastrophic Accidents

Some accidents involving limos may lead to the vehicle rolling over several times. The accident results in the passengers hitting against the vehicle's body or each other. Limos may roll over when hit by another car, causing the driver to lose control. Additionally, the accident might result from an oncoming vehicle hitting the limo then throwing it off the road leading to rolling over.

Notably, limo passengers rarely use seatbelts; therefore, they move quickly from one place to another and sometimes are thrown out of the limo. Therefore, when limo accidents occur, they lead to severe catastrophic injuries in passengers. The injured victims suffer severe injuries to their brains, head, and spine, which may alter the victim’s entire life.

Head-On Crashes Leading to Catastrophic Injuries

Head-on crashes involve two vehicles moving in varied directions crushing on each other. The accident may result from the limo driver or another driver overtaking at the road bend. Head-on crashes result in devastating injuries and fatalities. Additionally, victims may suffer spinal injuries, which result in paralysis, and others may have their limbs damaged.

The injury types require extended treatment times and costs to both the victim and the family. Furthermore, injuries sustained may require specialized equipment, including wheelchairs and walkers. When victims suffer from head injuries, they may spend their life depending on a machine at a high cost. Additionally, the limo suffers serious damages and may require replacement.

Individual Collisions

A limo driver may be moving at high speed and then face a sudden emergency on the road. When avoiding it, the driver may crush a building resulting in catastrophic injuries.  Sometimes the accident might result from distractions in the street like the driver using their phone while driving. Additionally, when the driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs, they may miscalculate their distance from an object crashing into it.

Passengers may break bones, limbs, shoulder, neck, and traumatic brain injuries. The injuries obtained may be catastrophic, requiring costly treatments. Sometimes the limo may start leaking gas, which may burst into flames resulting in severe burns to the passengers. Burn injuries sustained by the passengers may lead to disfigurements that require extensive surgeries. The damages may result in hefty medical and counseling costs; the victim requires adjusting and accepting themselves after the accident.

Rear-End Crashes resulting in Catastrophic Injuries

Red end accidents occur when a vehicle hits another from behind. On highways, vehicles move at high speeds, and if a  limo was at the back, then a car in front suddenly brakes, the limo may fail to stop due to their long and heavy body resulting in rear-end crashes. Since limo passengers rarely use seatbelts, the accident impact may result in the passengers hitting one another or the limo's body.

Notably, passengers may hit their heads against the limo's body resulting in traumatic injuries to the brain. Traumatic head injuries require surgical procedures preventing the pressure in the head caused by swelling.


Sideswipes occur when a limousine hits one side of another auto. Mainly, sideswipes occur at road intersections affecting the limousine stirrup, doors, and central parallels.

 Catastrophic Limousine Accident Resulting From Bad Weather

During bad weather, including snow, the road may be slippery inconveniencing limo drivers to control or stop their vehicles. Furthermore, storms and heavy rain lead to poor visibility frustrating the limousine driver, resulting in an accident. When drivers cannot see clearly, they may crash another vehicle or stationary object on the road resulting in catastrophic injuries. The injuries occur when the limo users hit against each other or on the limo body, leading to broken limbs, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, which lead to amputations.

Mechanical Fault  Catastrophic Accidents

Sometimes, limos may cause accidents due to mechanical faults, including defects due to its design. Some parts of the limo may be at fault resulting in an accident. For example: when the braking system is defective, then a limo driver applies brakes, and they fail. If the brakes fail, accidents are likely to occur since the driver may crash on stationary objects or even rollover. The accidents may be catastrophic due to the injuries incurred. The passengers may sustain injuries, including amputations, brain traumatic injuries, or disfigurement. A limo company will be at fault for the accident if they fail to implement proper safety measures and ensure the limousine is in good condition before use.

Common Catastrophic Limousine Accident Injuries

Limousine accidents resulting from negligence driving often lead to severe body injuries. The limo's large size and weight might have facilitated the seriousness of the accident. Victims of limo accidents require immediate medical attention. Common injuries resulting from limo accidents may include:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries

The impact of a limousine accident may force your brain to hit the skull, leading to damages to some brain tissues. Traumatic brain injuries occur due to direct trauma on the brain. The injuries are common in limousine accidents because most limousines don't have a seatbelt. Notably, during the catastrophic accident, passengers are tossed in all directions exposing them to trauma on the head.  Once the skull is hit on forth and back after trauma on the head, you will suffer brain damage on the opposite side.

Trauma may be severe enough, leading to bleeding in the brain. Additionally, you may stay in a coma or unconscious for days after the catastrophic accident. Victims of the limousine accident may obtain various challenges after brain injuries. The challenges may include:

  • Loss of memory
  • You may develop difficulties in maintaining movement, coordination, and balance.
  • Speech difficulties
  • Problems in paying attention

If you or your loved ones sustain TBI,  you should be aware that the injuries will affect everyone around the victim. Therefore, it is essential to file a claim against the responsible parties for compensation for your TBI injuries.

  1. Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are another catastrophic injury you can suffer from a catastrophic limousine accident. The injuries occur when the crash causes damages to the ligaments or disks of the spinal cord. Additionally, the catastrophic accident may cause the spinal cord’s sudden and traumatic shock, dislocating, crushing the vertebrate, or breaking the spinal cord.

Other spinal cord injuries may have delayed symptoms occurring days after the injury. The injuries result from inflammation, bleeding around the spinal cord, or swelling due to the impact of the catastrophic accident. Trauma from the vehicle accident damages the nerve fibers passing through the area where the spinal cord is injured, nerves in the section below the SCI, and imparting muscles.

Impairment may result in permanent or temporary paralysis. Additionally, the trauma may have worse side effects when they affect your torso or sexual function. Moreover, when your spinal cord is injured around the neck, you will develop respiratory system conditions. Notably, the spinal cord injury can keep you or your loved ones in a wheelchair for the entire life.

  1. Third Degree Burns

Burns may occur when the limousine catches fire after a catastrophic accident and passengers trapped inside. The case is common when the limousine collides with another car catching fire or rolls over, trapping passengers and catching fire. Notably, the burns may affect your muscles, bones, or nerves below your skin layer. The victims may experience mental and emotional stress ending up with psychological conditions like social anxiety or depression.

Third-degree burns will completely change the lives of the plaintiffs or victims. The recovery victims may be left with scars or severe disfigurement that lower their self-esteem. The majority of the victims obtaining burn injuries spend most of their time in hospital receiving therapy and surgeries.

  1. Internal Organ Damages

Internal injuries are common in a catastrophic limousine accident. Once a body organ is injured or punctured from the inside, you will require an emergency organ transplant. Additionally, if no organ is damaged, but you are bleeding from the inside,  you will need a surgical procedure for controlling the bleeding. Internal injuries may be life-changing or fatal. Therefore, make sure you go for a hospital examination even if you don't have physical injuries.

  1. Amputation

Passengers involved in a catastrophic limousine accident may suffer a loss of limb. Sharp glass from the limousine, metal, or debris may injure your limb to a great extent. You may notably lose your hands, legs, arms, or fingers immediately after the catastrophic limousine accident. If the bones are too injured to be repaired, you may opt for amputation as the only solution.

You will require both physical and occupational therapy to recover fully from the amputation. The recovery process is costly and lengthy. Therefore, you should make an effort to ensure the liable parties for the amputation compensate you for the losses.

What To Do When A Catastrophic Limousine Accident Occurs

Being involved in a limo accident is traumatic. Immediately after the accident, you may be worried about your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your loved ones, or you may be in a shock and wondering what to do next. The following steps will help you in dealing with the difficult situation:

Receive Medical Attention

After a limo accident, it would be imperative for a medical professional to evaluate you and your loved ones. If possible, you may call for an ambulance or emergency responders to transport you to the hospital. You should insist on a complete evaluation covering your head, spinal injuries, back, and internal damages.

Notably, many injuries may not show immediately after the scene and require a doctor to detect them. For instance, injuries like brain injuries aren't visible; however, doctors can detect them and treat them before they worsen. Additionally, you should maintain your medical records properly. The documents will be critical evidence during your compensation claim.

Call Law Enforcement Officers

You should call the police while at the scene and request the crash documentation before the clearance. Additionally, you may ask for a copy of the report. The documents will be essential to your attorney in determining the party at fault and obtaining your compensation.

Collecting Relevant Evidence

You should ensure you obtain as much evidence as you can at the scene. If possible, you should take photographs and videos of the scene, the vehicles involved and any other material you think are essential. You can email or print the photos for safekeeping.

Additionally, ensure you write the addresses, contact information, and names of anyone involved, including the limo passengers, limo driver, and other people in other vehicles. You should also remember the circumstances surrounding the accident site. For instance,  what was the weather like? Where did the impact occur? Was the traffic-heavy? The tips will help your limousine attorney in reconstructing strong evidence to explain what happened.

Don't Discuss The Case With Insurance Companies

After the limousine accident, the insurance company may attempt to call you to learn more about the accident’s occurrence.  Don't discuss with your insurance company or their investigator before you meet with an attorney. Speaking to the insurance company or their adjuster may damage your case and even limit the potential amount you should recover. Additionally, avoid accepting fault or liability of the accident to anyone. However, if you must speak to the attorney, ensure the presence of your attorney.

Speaking With A Qualified Attorney

The process of lifting the claim and fighting for your compensation may be complicated, considering the accident’s trauma. Notably, the other parties of the crash, like the limo company, may have their lawyer specialized in defending limousine accident cases. Therefore, you should seek the help of  Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Law Firm since they have the resources and knowledge in managing your case from the start to the end. Our competent attorney will ensure you obtain the maximum compensation you are owed from the responsible parties.

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